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What Matters Most When Redesigning Your Old Website?

What Matters Most When Redesigning Your Old Website?

Websites are built for various business needs that typically require a combination of diverse factors. The most important thing a website owner should consider is whether web design meets their desired objectives. However, businesses create websites for reasons such as credibility, keeping customers informed, generating leads, easy accessibility, larger visibility, improved customer service and so on.

As a result of these connecting reasons, it’s then possible to measure the effectiveness and soundness of a website design, regardless of the innumerable variables. There are specific features that a sound web design must possess in order to deliver outstanding results. So, if you want to enjoy the advantages of building a website, you’ll need to ensure that your design incorporates the following features:

  1. High-quality content

Substance is what matters most for all websites; this has to be of premium quality and also enlightening, as it’s the number one thing that attracts and engages your audience. People need to be informed, which is essentially why they browse websites and use search engines to begin with. When the SEO marketing strategy applied to your website leads a visitor to land on your site, they will leave soon enough if the content is substandard.

Depending on the business services you provide, your content should contain important information. This is why it’s best to include the most relevant content at the top of your web pages.

  1. Webpage Speed

How fast is your website? Do texts and images appear in less than three seconds once a user clicks the relevant link? When a website takes too long to load, people quickly lose patience and typically press the ‘Back’ button. They rarely show the patience to hang around waiting for the situation to be rectified. So much so, it becomes a fruitless exercise to shout about the substantial content and beautiful graphics on your website when the speed hinders people from seeing them quickly enough.

Webpage Speed

There are many factors that can cause a website to be slow, including the number of graphics, server speed, website traffic and so on. Good web designers know to make sure that all manageable factors that slow down a site’s speed are minimized, including optimising graphics, as well as using proper website code and reliable site hosting.

  1. User-friendly Navigation

It shouldn’t be difficult or confusing for visitors to find the information they need on your website. The navigation scheme should be user-friendly; the URL has to be easily understood, simple and logical; and the link itself must be easy to find. If your website is going to include a great deal of content, make sure you have a search box that will allow visitors to smoothly navigate what they’re looking for. All your ‘Calls to Action’ should be placed in easily visible places.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A website that’s well-designed will always receive its fair share of visitors. Search Engine Optimisation remains one of the effective methods of attracting visitors. This involves inserting search keywords in your content, appropriate link profiles and social media signals. Search engines will find your website attractive and in turn improve your rankings. There are professionals who can help you manage your SEO strategy intelligently, as well as hone other search techniques that will help attract and engage your audience.

  1. Web Compatibility

Due to the fact there are various platforms and browsers via which a website can be viewed, web design can sometimes be a challenging task for developers. A web design has to be compatible with various browsers, resolutions and screen sizes. It also has to function well on mobile devices; in other words, the web design should be mobile responsive. A talented developer should be able to tackle all these factors. This also includes the URL.

For instance, if your site link is, a mobile user shouldn't have to type in before they can access it like a desktop user. Ensure the whole interface is mobile friendly.

  1. Interactive Commenting System

When your website features an interactive commenting system, it shows that you’re interested in knowing how people view your business. Visitors will be more drawn to your website if they can comment on - and ‘like’ – content that you post. You’ll thereby allow room for visitors to have a more personal relationship with you. Furthermore, you could establish an interactive commenting system in your blog posts by making sure there’s a commenting section at the bottom of each post.

  1. Make good Use of Colour and Pictures

Make sure that the design of your website incorporates high quality photography and very few stock images (or none at all). Your website will look generic and no different from those of your competitors if you use stock images. Besides that, your website will be more unique and credible when you use quality images. So, use meaningful graphics and colours that can be easily associated to your business brand.

  1. Professional and Simple Web Design

Whilst maintaining an attractive layout, ensure the overall web design is simple and clean. You’ll want visitors to keep returning until they become your customers. They most likely won’t if your fonts are unclear, your content and graphics untidy and your colours lacking a perfect contrast. Altogether, this would be unattractive, unprofessional and no fun at all, so you’ll need to balance things out. Your texts should be well spaced, so can break them up with images (where appropriate, of course).

It pays to remember that your website is the face of your business; therefore, it has to be perfect if you want to achieve your desired goals.

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