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What Does It Cost to Get a Website Built In 2018? (UPDATED)

What Does It Cost to Get a Website Built In 2018? (UPDATED)

One of the biggest questions we get asked is how much will a website cost me? Well, each business is different and requires a different number of pages, features and services., none two businesses are ever the same.

Here are 3 questions that we would suggest that you answer first before contacting a website designer.

  1. Is your website just a place for visitors to find information about your business? (brochure website)
  2. Is your website to sell or offer services online that will require some sort of e-commerce integration? (online shopping website)
  3. Is your website to generate new leads? (marketing & lead generating website)

But I can build my own website with WIX

Yes, you could build your own website with a platform like WIX, but you won’t get the expert help that you would with a professional web designer like CheDesigns.  You could easily get a website built for as little as $300 but it’s likely that it will not perform very well, make sure to read our blog on Why it is best to hire a Web Designer and not do-it-yourself! We’ve highlighted some good reasons on why best to hire a professional web designer. Here’s one main reason that I always say to clients if I need my plumbing sorted I hire a plumber because I know a plumber knows how to best fix my plumbing and the same goes for hiring a professional website designer.

When you enlist CheDesigns to build your website you’re hiring us to develop you a website that will help generate your business leads online. We charge for our time and quote by how many pages you require, services and functionality.

Types of costs involved in when getting a website built

  • Website Hosting: All websites require website hosting, basically your website files need to be stored on a computer and served to visitors when requested. Expect to pay anything from $200 a year for a good local Australian web host. If you require a dedicated solution for your website, then expect to pay $500 plus a month.
  • Domain Name: You will need a domain name and if you are an Australian business then a is advisable, you will also need to have an ABN number to register your domain name. A domain will cost from $30 a year with us.
  • Website Built-in (CMS): We use Joomla to build our clients websites in and our basic low-end fee is from $1000, this gets you online with a brochure website with up to 4 pages, contact form, map, mobile friendly and basic SEO.
  • Website Maintenance: If you want ongoing software updates for your website and other maintenance then expect to pay anything from $100 a month up to $300.
  • Social Media: If you need help managing your social media presence then expect to pay anything from $200 a month depending on how many networks and posts per month.
  • Google & Facebook Advertising: For management advertising on both these networks expect to pay anything from $500 per month.
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation: To maintain a good SEO ranking you should consider paying a professional to help you obtain a good organic ranking on Google. Costs for this are anything from $500 per month.

Website Functionality

Every client is different and requires a different functionality.

  • Website Design: A brochure website from CheDesigns would likely cost you around the $1500 mark or less, but a more advanced website then allow from $2000 - $3000.
  • E-commerce: If you need to sell products online or some type of subscription service then allow from $2500 - $6000.
  • Custom Coding: Need a custom piece of code? This will cost you anything from $300 upwards.
  • Extension Integration: Need a blog, newsletter integration, slideshow & gallery etc... costs are normally from $100 upward

And a Website Cost?

So as we have seen a website can cost anywhere from $1000 up to $8000 depending on the services, pages and functionality it has. There is a lot to consider when getting your business online and hiring the correct website designer is a major part of the whole process.

Want to learn more on how CheDesigns can help your business get online then call us on 0428 362 777 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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