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Learn in 4 steps how to turn Facebook Fans into Customers

Learn in 4 steps how to turn Facebook Fans into Customers

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world and if you learn how to use it has a business tool it can bring you great success.

  1. Use Coupons for your Facebook Fans

Coupons are a great way to engage with Fans and turn them into customers. It’s not a hard sell, but an incentive to browse your products.

By giving new Fans a coupon to say, “Thank you for liking us!” will entice them to make their first purchase with you.

With a coupon, your Fans don’t feel pressured into buying a product for a certain date and this gives them more time to browse and then make a purchase to redeem their coupon.

  1. Testimonials from your Customers

Using testimonials on your Facebook page and website will help build credibility online.

Try and get your customer to write a testimonial that shows how your product solved a problem, don’t let them write on how good your product is, that will not do you much good!

Use video to get a testimonial from a customer and make sure to write a script so that the video is well constructed, but don’t tell them what to say instead explain on the types of things you want them to talk about. Another way of doing this is to ask your customer what life was like before they started using your product/service.

The simple problems are the ones people think about most often. Solutions to those will give you the most clicks and sales.

  1. A link back to your Website

If your Facebook page and website are not connected, then you're not going to see the sales you want. Making sure your links on your page go back to your website is crucial and provides a bridge for Facebook fans to turn into paying customers. This means having links both on your profile and in your content.

  1. Create eye-catching Call To Action buttons

 An eye-catching Call To Action button on your Facebook is going to draw in fans interested in your services. Buttons can be created easily and can link fans to a landing page where you gather up email addresses and other important data. Most Calls to Action offer a gift such as eBooks that help solve a customer’s problem.

The round-up

Facebook is a place where people gather to be nosey and want to read what other people are doing, so instead tell a good story or offer your customers information that will be useful to them and prevent from just trying to sell to them!

If you need help with your Facebook marketing or any other type of digital marketing feel free to contact us.

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