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How to use Hashtags on Social Media platforms

How to use Hashtags on Social Media platforms

Hashtags there everywhere and everyone uses them, but do they use them correctly? Umm a lot of the time NO! Even I must admit that sometimes I have just thrown them in and not really done any research before using a hashtag ☹, but if used correctly you will see more interactions, likes and shares on your posts.

A rule of thumb is not to overstuff too many hashtags in on one post, 2-4 hashtags per post are more than enough, otherwise, you won’t get the interactions you were hoping for.

Now how to find the best hashtags to use? There are many ways that one can go about finding out and below are a few proven ways to find the best hashtags to use on your posts.

The Best Websites that will help you create your hashtags

All Hashtags

This nifty little website will become your best friend when it comes to working out what hashtags to use, you can search for live, random and top hashtags.



To find what hashtags are trending then I would recommend using this tool it's super simple to use and offers cross-platform hashtags too.



Want to know what the top hashtags are you should be using? Then this list is perfect for you and will have you going hashtag crazy in no time!



Very simple hashtag generator, simple enter your keyword and let it generate the best hashtags for that keyword.


Instagram Hashtags Generator

Nifty little tool that generates hashtags for all social media platforms and will help generate the best top hashtags for your keyword.


How to pick a god hashtag

The following blog post is a great assistant in getting you to learn how best to use hashtags within your social media posts.


The Roundup

Using hashtags in the correct way will help increase your social following and awareness.

Got a question? Then ask away in the comment box below 😊

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