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How to Generate 3 New Leads in a Day

How to Generate 3 New Leads in a Day

The main importance of any business is getting business by generating an interest in your product or service, this week I have decided to challenge you all by getting you to follow my quick 3 tips on how to gain 3 leads in just one day! Yes, really in just one day!

email marketing lead generation

Lead Gain One


Did you get new subscribers this week to your newsletter? Have you set up a segmentation of new mail subscribers? Nearly all good email marketing platforms like MailChimp allow you to divide your email lists into segmentation e.g. New Subscribers so that you can market just these new signups.

Now that you have that setup, you can now send out a special offer just aimed at new subscribers and I would consider offering them a small discount if they purchase an item over XXXX amounts.

cold calling lead generation

Lead Gain Two

Cold Calling

Cold calling your database of existing clients will surprisingly unveil new opportunities and I bet if you just call 20 of them that you gain that second lead of the day. If calling people on the phone is not your thing then I find direct door knocking works a treat and taking them a coffee or a small gift of some sort will soon lead you to another lead.

social media lead generation

Lead Gain Three

Social Media

If you want to gain a lead in a day on social media I would suggest one of the following strategies;

  • Discount Coupon / Money Off
  • Gift (offer a gift to new customers)
  • Competition
  • Sharing your business information with Facebook groups
  • Facebook advertising

Give my suggestions a try and I bet that you will not be disappointed with the outcomes, leave a comment below and let me know how you got on 😊

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