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Home Improvement Contractor: 10 Ways Cloud Gives You an Edge!

Home Improvement Contractor: 10 Ways Cloud Gives You an Edge!

Home contractors operate in an extremely competitive industry, with a range of markets and products. For those businesses without a strong online presence, it can be difficult to stand out in the 21st century digital climate. Your availability can play a key role in acquiring the trust of your customers, suppliers and partners. Cloud technology serves perfectly to give you this kind of presence and availability.

What Is Cloud Technology?

Cloud technology is an IT model that promotes global access to joint pools of system resources that can be configured. It also allows for the quick delivery of standard services with little or no administrative effort, usually using the internet. Cloud technology relies on the exchange of resources for the purpose of economies of scale and consistency, just like those of public users.

Third-party clouds allow organisations to focus on their core business, instead of spending resources on maintaining infrastructure. Advocates emphasise that Cloud technology allows companies to avoid or minimise the initial costs of IT infrastructure. Proponents also argue that it enables companies to have their applications up and running faster, with less maintenance and better manageability, in turn facilitating IT groups to quickly adapt resources to meet changing and erratic demand. Cloud providers often use a ‘pay per use’ model, which can generate unexpected costs if managers are not familiar with cloud pricing structures.

With Cloud technology, your business can stand out; you can distinguish yourself from other competitors by outclassing them in vital areas. Here are 10 ways in which the Cloud offers advantages to your home improvement hiring business.

Virtual Office

It Allows You to Manage A Virtual Office

Working out of an office is the most appropriate method of operation for a home contracting company. With the Cloud, you can create a virtual office in a temporary workplace and effectively manage the whole operation with relative ease. You can communicate with all your employees, suppliers, other contractors and customers, as well as manage your projects. Any location can can act as your office with proper Cloud integration.

Improved Access

With Cloud technology, you'll have improved access to the resources you and your employees need, being able to access all applications and data, any time and anywhere with an internet connection. This is also applicable when people try to contact you, because it will be more accessible.

Suffice to say, this facility allows you to respond immediately to the needs of your customers. If you are an individual operator, this type of access is invaluable in providing professional and personalised customer service to your clients.

Optimise Your Mobile Devices

Whether smartphones, tablets or laptops, all of your devices can be optimised with the Cloud, so you will be able to do more with them. Subsequently, you and those to whom you provide access can use company resources from absolutely anywhere, meaning you can work together to get things done quicker and more efficiently.

Improved Collaboration

As a local contractor, collaborating with other companies is an essential part of operations. With Cloud technology, your partners and customers can join and collaborate to ensure everyone is synchronised. As not everyone uses the same back-end system, you can use your platform in the Cloud to allow access to any connected device.

With this type of access, it’s possible to provide a more transparent and accountable system that allows anyone in the process to see what’s happening, at all times.

Real-Time Access and Hardware / Software Solutions

You’ll no longer have to call the office to get updates once you’re using Cloud technology. Regardless of how many people are working on any given project, they can see and edit anything from plans to purchase orders. Teams will have access to all the latest updates. They will even be able to see how documents are edited in real time. You can access all these documents on any device that runs on any platform.

Streamlines Your Operations

The Cloud solution implemented allows all members of your team to work simultaneously and make information available immediately. This eliminates the need to send emails or make calls to get the information they need. Business dealings will be optimised for maximum proficiency.

Improves Cash Flow

You can manage invoices and bid on new projects from anywhere, as well as make the necessary changes and even accept payments. With fully integrated Cloud applications, you can improve the cash flow of your business by tracking all accounts receivable (and available cash) to ensure your balance is accurate.

Offers Cheaper Software Options

Cloud Software Options

Unlike traditional client-server-based software systems, the service provider maintains a solution in the Cloud . This will of course depend on the type of Cloud solution implemented, but it can eliminate the cost associated with servers, software, security, updates, and other related overheads of the facility systems.

It Allows You to Easily Resize

When technology is part of your structure, scaling means more expensive hardware and software. With Cloud technology, you can scale without restrictions locally, nationwide or globally. You can easily add more computing power, storage, bandwidth and software, depending on your needs.

Offers Payment Options For Use

Most Cloud service providers - such as - feature a payment option whereby you only pay for what you use. This type of payment structure gives contractors accessible access to Cloud computing and the digital resources it offers.

Summarising the Benefits

No matter what type of contractor you are, you can take advantage of digital technology to ensure the long-term sustainability of your business. Cloud computing offers the flexibility and sustainability needed within your digital ecosystem, so your resources are always available.

This not only allows you to compete with other small businesses, but also large companies that may not be as efficient or agile. In short, Cloud computing will allow you to work smarter with greater flexibility.

However, before your homework. Clearly define the specific needs of your business and identify the ways in which Cloud technology will meet and enhance them.

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