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Creating an Effective Social Media

Creating an Effective Social Media

Social Media is among the sets of tools having the capability. It's helpful for the growth of one's business, and you should employ it in your marketing plan. It is valuable for the growth of one’s business online.

Making your identity on every platform sounds like a good idea don't you think? It is, but the truth is you need to make your identity where your audience will likely to be.  Not all platforms are the same because each one has its own way of sharing posts and getting engaged with clients.  Instagram is good for photography type post, but where Twitter is better for short type posts and open conversations.

You need to work out who is your ideal customer is and what platform they are using, one way of doing this would be to use the built-in filtering features that platforms like Facebook have integrated for building an audience.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics has some awesome tools to help you understand the demographics, location, interests and even behaviors of your website visitors.

Facebook Insights / Audience Insights – Facebook is king of the data kingdom and has a wealth of information on users that are connected to your page, visit your website and even engage with your content. Installing a Facebook pixel or uploading an email list will help you unlock this valuable data.

Twitter Analytics - Want demographic and lifestyle data on the people following your Twitter account? Accessing Twitter Analytics can provide a ton of useful information and enables you to compare your followers to a custom persona. If you think your target market is active on Twitter, this is the way to find out.

Instagram Analytics – This relatively new set of data will allow you to check out the demographics, content consumption and location of your following. 

LinkedIn Analytics – LinkedIn analytics have always been a bit flimsy, but if you're in the B2B space, you need to check out this data to understand what kind of community you are building and if it fits your ideal audience and goals.

Create Engaging Content

Invest in creating engaging content for your social media platforms and your website blog, content is still the king!

The types of content that you could create and use on your social media profiles.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Special offers
  • Company news
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
  • Testimonials
  • Staff interviews

The list of types of content you can create can go on and on. Use a calendar to outline how often you will post to each social media platform.

Give Power to your Content with Hashtags

Why should businesses care about hashtags?

  • Promotions—hashtags make it easy to track a promotion’s activity across many social platforms.
  • Unification—you can track a hashtag across all the major networks or filter them individually.
  • Conversations—giving a customer your website URL doesn’t make it easy to begin a conversation, but hashtags do.
  • Targeting—unlike going after a general web surfer on the open web, people who use hashtags are likely to engage in social conversations and therefore are more likely to share a positive experience they’ve had with your brand once you’ve broken through.
  • Innovation—because they’re so flexible, simple and ubiquitous, more businesses can find creative ways to add power behind the hashtag.

Get a Social Media Management Tool

Most marketers have a secret, they leverage tools to improve their productiveness. Ok, perhaps it isn’t a trick, but without tools marketers could face continuous agitation (many do with resources). With respect to social network, acquiring a social network management tool lets you scale your efforts easily.

Among the principal benefits of a social network management tool is the capacity to schedule posts ahead of time. Remember that articles calendar you created? Ensure that your scheduled articles in your social network management tool align your articles calendar.

An excellent social network strategy is never set in stone. It's a continuous work in progress that changes when required. So, get out there, create a plan and start optimizing it as you continue to grow and find more regarding your business and your audience.

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