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5 Ways to gain more traffic to your website

5 Ways to gain more traffic to your website

Simply building a website and popping in some keywords does not cut it anymore, you need to use a variety of online sources to bring in traffic to your website or social profiles.

  1. Social Media

Yep, you guessed it social media! It’s all well and good setting up a Facebook page for your business but if you’re not posting onto it or providing your followers with quality content then there is really no point at all! You need to establish a social media strategy and stick to that blueprint.

  1. Blog Posting

Having a blog on your website is one of the best ways to bring in traffic and leads but you do need to make sure that you a. create quality content and b. create search engine friendly content for your blog post. I know that a lot of small businesses like YOURS don’t have the time or sometimes good writing skills, but there is a large amount of information online that will guide you on how to create great blog posts.

  1. Online Business Directories

I am sure that you can spare 1-hour max to fill out your business information on online business directories. Online business directories are another great way to help bring in traffic and leads to your business, things to remember when filling out your online profiles is to make sure that you don’t duplicate your about description. Always fill out the following information – phone, email, website, about, opening times and social links.

Here’s a list of online directories

  1. Google My Business

Google My Business allows businesses to have a free listing and is ideal for local search, by being listed you can get found on Google search Google Maps. Customers can leave reviews and you can all of your information show up on searches and Google have recently bought out posting, so that you can post important updates about your business like an event.

  1. Build your website so it converts

Before you could simply pop up a website with some text and crappy photos and that would do, well gone are the days and thank the lord! Now you need to build your website so that it converts once you have a user on it. I have listed a few ideas below to get you started.

  • Call to action buttons
  • Easy navigation
  • Clean fonts
  • Quality photos
  • Less Clicks
  • Easy to find contact information
  • Free giveaway with signup form
  • Important information easily accessible
  • Mobile friendly

By following all above advice you will soon be on your way to having more traffic and leads online.

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